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Our camps will run with a number of safety modifications and procedures, as indicated below. These procedures are communicated with all registered players and with our venues prior to each camp.

Procedures are continually reviewed to ensure we are following the best, safest measures so please note they may change at short notice. 


1. Player bubble / friend requests: We will be grouping players by age and school in 'bubbles' which will play together under the instruction of their coach(es) for the entirety of camp. We will automatically group players with peers from the same school / age group but if you'd like to be with a friend from another school please let us know. 

Social distancing (1+ metres) will be observed at all times. This means that we will not be coaching the contact elements of lacrosse, but we will modify drills and will focus our coaching on stickwork, shooting, positioning, and agility. We are very confident that players will still benefit from high quality, holistic coaching in these areas. Our camp tournament will be replaced with a camp competition that allows for a contested skills showcase at safe distance.

All players are asked to bring their own hand sanitiser.

2. Bibs: How we use playing bibs is going to work slightly differently this summer. All players will be assigned a bib number and given a bib on their first day of camp. This number corresponds with their assigned bubble. You will keep your bib for the duration of camp, bring it home at the end of each day and bring it back for each day of camp. All bibs must be returned on the final day of camp and there will be a small fee (£20) attached to any lost / non-returned bib.

3. Self-health checks: Please stay alert to your own health, and check in with how you are feeling each day before coming to camp. If any player or anyone in their household has any symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19, please stay home and we will arrange a credit for your camp towards a future camp (no refunds).

4. Track and Trace: If any camper subsequently tests positive for Covid-19 in the two weeks following camp, please let me know ASAP. This information will be kept absolutely confidential, however we will need to share that someone at camp has tested positive. We will use the contact details that you provided for track-and-trace and this is kept safe in accordance with GDPR / our privacy policy.

5. Mouthguards: All players are required to have a mouthguard to play lacrosse; as usual, no one will be able to play without a mouthguard. We will not be supplying any spare mouthguards for purchase this summer, so you may wish to bring a spare. Please do any moulding of mouthguards at home, following all safety instructions. Please also bring the mouthguard case or a small bag for your mouthguard, put the mouthguard directly away when not wearing it, and immediately sanitise your hands.

6. Personal equipment: Please bring your own stick and goggles (optional) as usual. You may also wish to purchase lacrosse playing gloves. We Each player should bring wet wipes to clean off your stick and goggles at break times. In accordance with England Lacrosse regulations, we will be having regular cleaning breaks.

7. Shared equipment: Each bubble will have its own set of lacrosse balls and cones which will be used only by the people in that bubble. These will be cleaned at the end of each day.

8. First-aid: Where possible we will try to limit person-to-person contact in the event first-aid is needed. Players will firstly be asked to do their own first-aid (e.g. apply their own plaster); if further help is needed, the coach in their bubble will administer. All our coaches are First-Aid trained. We will provide hand sanitiser at camp and also recommend all players to bring their own.

9. Safety at our venues: We are working closely with our venues to ensure everything meets health & safety standards, including thoroughly updated risk assessments. If you would like to read these, please let me know. All restroom facilities will be clearly marked for our camp use only, and social distancing will be practiced at all times including at check-in and when moving around the venue. 

Our staff will help ensure social distancing runs smoothly at sign-in / out, but please be advised that you may need to queue. We will use a temperature After sign-in, players will be directed to a designated area for their bubble. Players are asked to please remain in that designated area and not to leave it without permission.


In addition to all of the above, we are completing England Lacrosse required documentation and all coaches will be undergoing online training to ensure everyone is up-to-date on safety practices. More information on these measures is available here. In the event we need to modify or cancel camps in line with new government information, we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Please direct any queries about the above safety procedures to


We are very excited to announce that our August camps will go ahead! 

This decision has been made after speaking with our host schools, consulting with our governing bodies and medical professionals, and completed thorough risk assessments.  

Camps will be using the safety guidance from England Lacrosse, Sport England, and Public Health England. Health, safety and social responsibility remain our top priorities. Our camp safety measures will be finalised and communicated to all registered families once updated information is released in time for end-of-August activity.

These measures will include (but are not limited to):

  • Social distancing will be required on and off the pitch

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and all players and coaches required to use regularly

  • Players will be grouped in advance of camp in 'Coaching Bubbles'. We will group with friends and according to age / ability to ensure learning is fun and productive. 

  • Coaches will be assigned to one bubble, taking one group for the duration of camp to minimise risk

  • Coaching sessions will focus on stick skills, shooting individual positioning, and fitness (instead of our usual part-contact play). 

  • Camp tournament games will be replaced with a series of fun competitions that adhere to all safety guidelines

  • All equipment will be cleaned regularly, and there will be procedures in place to strictly and safely minimise sharing equipment

  • Players and coaches will be asked to monitor their own health and to stay home if they or any household members have symptoms or test positive 

We are confident we can have fun, learn new skills, and get that stick practice in before school starts again.

Please note that this decision to hold the camps is subject to safety guidance from England Lacrosse, Sport England, and Public Health England. If lockdown measures change, we unfortunately might have to cancel or change dates. We also must follow the decisions of our host venues, and camps may be subject to change if a host school notifies us that they are not able to host. If for these reasons we do not run camps in August, we will once again follow our Cancellation Policy

If you have any questions about our return to play, please contact us on

See you in August!



It is with great sadness that our April 2020 Camps have been cancelled.

This is in light of government closure of all schools + emerging Public Health guidelines + England Lacrosse advice regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Our venues have cancelled bookings and as a company we are prioritising the need for social distancing and diligence for the health and safety of our players, coaches, families, and wider communities.

We will follow our Cancellation Policy -- in particular this paragraph:

'In the event that Advance Lacrosse has to postpone or cancel a camp/clinic for extraordinary circumstances beyond our control, all registered players will be able to apply their registration to another camp/clinic(s) up to the same value, and will also receive a 50% discount voucher for one additional camp/clinic.'

Please fill out this form to choose your registration for another camp / clinic. I will then get in touch shortly to confirm your re-registration and provide your 50% discount voucher for the additional session.

If your child is looking for some lacrosse fun / entertainment over this period, I'd encourage all players to have a look at our Instagram account (@advancelacrosse_esc), where we are posting drills and other exercises that can be adapted to be done at home. We'd also recommend following NCAA (USA college) teams and watching their highlight videos and drills -- a quick search on Instagram or Youtube will come up with lots.

If you have any questions, please get in touch on or 07872012244.

Take care and look out for each other.



Director, Advance Lacrosse


We wanted to update you with regards to the Coronavirus and the impact it will have on our April 2020 camps.

We have spoken to our host venue schools, both of which remain open and which are monitoring the situation closely. Advance Lacrosse, and our host schools, will continue to follow the advice from Public Health England and the government, and we have taken action to update our risk assessments and operations accordingly.

At this point, the camps still remain on, however as the situation is constantly changing, we ask you to remain flexible and we will be in touch with further updates closer to camp dates.

We may be forced to cancel the April camps for any number of reasons including but not limited to Public Health England recommendation / mandate, if the school venues close, if we are unable to staff the camp due to coaches needing to self-isolate, if player numbers drop below a certain mark due to self-isolation and other precaution, and / or for other reasons as dictated by health professionals.

If the camps are cancelled, we will follow our Cancellation Policy -- in particular this paragraph:

In the event that Advance Lacrosse has to postpone or cancel a camp/clinic for extraordinary circumstances beyond our control, all registered players will be able to apply their registration to another camp/clinic(s) up to the same value, and will also receive a 50% discount voucher for one additional camp/clinic. 

If any player / person close to a player is exhibiting symptoms or tests positive, we ask that you follow the advice of Public Health England and self-isolate and not come to camp. In the event you have to do this, or if you chose not to send your child to camp for your own safety reasons, the above policy will apply (overriding our usual policy of no refund at all). I just ask that you let me know as soon as possible if your daughter will not be attending, so that we can monitor camp numbers and can best support you for rescheduling to a future camp. This information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

If you have any questions, please get in touch on or 07872012244.

Take care and stay safe,


Director, Advance Lacrosse