Specialist coaching at both camps & clinics

As a goalie herself, Advance Lacrosse Director Erin fully understands the need for specialist goalkeeper training. We are passionate about ensuring all goalies receive proper coaching to develop their skills and potential.

All Camps and Clinics feature coaching from some of the UK's best goalkeepers and GK coaches, including England, Scotland, and Wales international goalkeepers.

  • Goalies have separate, specialist sessions with our great GK coaches before joining field players for team drills

  • Goalie sessions cover physical training, technical skills, and mentality tips

  • Priority is on developing confidence, communication, and enjoyment in the goal.

  • All goalkeepers have the chance to develop their stick skills with their friends in field player warm-ups

  • We emphasize safety and provide tips to help goalies work with their school coaches to ensure they can maximise training in team settings

Our Goalie School programme is designed to fit all school-aged goalies across all levels (from junior international to beginner and everyone in between).